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ABC-7 Listens: Upper Valley resident says her home is infested with biting midges

ABC7 Listens Possible Midge Infestation

An Upper Valley resident says that swarms of tiny, flying insects were infesting her home and biting her.

"They're ferocious, tiny, little - I think they might be midges," Patricia Woods said. 

ABC-7 spoke to Dr. Douglas Watts, the Co-Director of UTEP's Border Biomedical Center, who also believed they are biting midges. Biting midges are also known as sandflies or, more affectionately, "No-See-Ums" because they are so small, you have to use a microscope.

Midges breed in standing water, which may attract them to homes. Dr. Watts said females will bite anything that is moving. 

A midge bite can be painful and leave a swelling, red spot on the skin. The spots can itch for several days but fortunately, Dr. Watts said, the insects do not transmit any human diseases in this part of the world. 

To relieve pain, Dr. Watts recommended purchasing anti-itching cream. 

ABC-7 reached out to the City of El Paso which said does not fumigate for any insects other than mosquitoes. Therefore, if residents think there are midges surrounding their home, they will need to call an exterminator to get rid of them.

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