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ABC-7 Listens: Strong odors from Lower Valley Pork Rinds Factory

Lower Valley residents complain about plants odor

EL PASO, Texas - ABC-7 first reported on the Productos Real pork rinds factory being out of compliance with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) in January.

That report was prompted by several Lower Valley residents complaining about the smell coming from the factory located on 1100 Pendale Drive.

The company was forced to enter into a compliance plan with the TCEQ in order to fix the issue.

Last week, Carlos Perez, who lives less about half a mile from the factory reached out to ABC-7. He said the smell had not improved.

"It’s gotten even worse. It hasn’t gotten any better. so i don’t know what the state is doing or the city is doing to reinforce that," Perez said.

We reached out to Productos Real, but our calls were not returned. However, the City of El Paso's Environmental Services Department did respond.

"We’re working with the facility to complete a compliance plan that’s been worked out between us, Products Real, and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.” Air Quality Program Manager Karl Rimkus said.

Rimkus added that the company is working to fix the issue.

“This really isn’t a problem that could be fixed with a quick, off the shelf solution. In the short term, there’s really not a lot that can be done. It is a longer term project, and our indications from the facility is that they should have air control equipment installed and ready to be tested in January," Rimkus said.

Rimkus also said a sewage issue in the area could also be contributing to the smell. He said El Paso Water is aware of the issue, and working on finding a solution.

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