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Northeast barber "G" dead after crash Friday night

Friends remember barber after fatal crash

EL PASO, Texas - Nasheed Anwaar, a local barber known as “G” was killed after being struck by a car Friday night, according to friends of the victim.

Police confirmed to ABC-7 a man had died after a crash with a car on the corner of Hayes and Dyer in northeast El Paso.

Nasheed Anwaar was known as G, from his birth name George, and ran G’s cuts and clips on Dyer and Hayes.

ABC-7 crews were there as police were investigating

Friends of the victim told us they got the call saying Anwaar had died around 11:45 pm.

“I answered and they let us know that he had been run over and that he had passed away, and at that moment you’re in shock, you don’t know what to do. You’re just like ‘whoa’ and all of a sudden he’s gone. So we got up as quick as we could, and we drove over there, we saw that they had already covered him,” said Audrey Lugo, who knew Anwaar personally.

They told us he was crossing the street near his business after getting a call someone was trying to break into his shop.

It’s then, friends told us, he was hit by a passing car, killing him.

Once his friends were at the scene his body was already covered, what will happen next depends on his family.

The next steps will be decided once Anwaar’s family arrives to El Paso.

“The details are being worked out. If you’re referring to his burial and things like that, I really don’t know yet, but his sister is supposed to be flying in [Saturday] and as far as the business goes, that’s what we gotta figure out.,” said Davaras Bronson, a friend a coworker of Anwaar’s.

The driver, an 18-year-old male according to police, has been arrested and charged with accident involving death.

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