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Man taken into custody as scuffle breaks out at makeshift memorial for El Paso shooting victims

Makeshift memorial confrontation

EL PASO, Texas - An altercation started at the makeshift memorial near Walmart dedicated to the victims of the August 3rd El Paso mass shooting.


This happened just after 12:30 p.m. Wednesday.

An ABC-7 photojournalist at the scene captured what appeared to be a shouting match between several people.

The argument appeared to start when two groups began arguing about President Donald Trump’s policies toward the border.

Two men can be seen very close together raising their voices talking about the border wall.

One man wearing a jacket and sunglasses can be heard saying to stop people from coming in here illegally. To protect our people. Why do you think he came here from Dallas? Because AOC put us on the map

“I’m not trying to do nothing man, he’s wrong.” one person in a white hat and sunglasses can be heard saying as El Paso police stepped in.

The man in the white hat then started talking with a police officer.

The officer can be heard saying “can I have a second of your time please” and the 

The man responds with “no I’m not okay.”

The video cuts out, but a few minutes later the man in the white hat can be seen in handcuffs and put in the back of a police cruiser.



El Paso Police responded to the incident on Twitter saying The memorial was meant to honor the victims.  Do not dishonor them by clashing against each other. Stop the hate

There was no word on any charges in this incident.

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