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"I was shocked:" El Paso man said he was hit by driver and abandoned

El Paso man claims vehicle struck him...

Like he does every day, JJ Frantz said he took a stroll around his northeast El Paso neighborhood on Friday night.

"Before I knew it, I was down," Frantz said. "It was so quick. By the time you see it, you're done."

At the dark intersection of Echo Street and Sunrise Avenue, Frantz said he was struck by a young female driver who abandoned the scene.

"She just turned right into me," Frantz said. "I was in the middle of the street already."

The 63-year-old retired custodian said he was stuck in the road with his injuries, clutching the bumper of the vehicle that left the scene. He called 9-1-1 and went to the hospital for his injuries, that included road rash, a swollen ankle and injured shoulder.

He said the young female driver was thin, with light eyes and light hair. He said her features were illuminated for one reason.

"The cell phone had her face lit up like a flashlight," Frantz said.

He said he has insurance, but is still on a fixed income. Frantz told ABC-7 he expects to pay a portion of his medical bills, but he wants justice.

"The young lady didn't stop," Frantz said. "If she had opened up the door or something and said 'Hey, I'm sorry, I didn't see you' (or) 'Can I take you to the hospital?' That would have been great. But she just looked at me and took off. She never let go of her cell phone."

Frantz describes the vehicle as a light green Xterra that missing its bumper. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the El Paso Police Department at (915) 212-4000.

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