El Paso March For Life: Hundreds take to the streets of El Paso to spread Pro-Life Message

March For Life El Paso bring hundreds to Houston Park

Today, El Pasoans gathered together in downtown El Paso for the annual March For Life.  This march was held this afternoon at Houston park. 

Hundreds of people at this march, some held signs that read 'Babies are a gift' and 'take my hand not my life.' 

Local clergy and pro-life leaders spread their pro-life message.

Many of the marchers expressed their strong viewpoint on their pro-life stance. 

Jessica Sifuentes, the marches campaign coordinator said

     "We're here to be the voice of the voiceless. This has nothing to do with women's rights, on the contrary, we are fighting for the right of women to not be seen as baby carriers. They're not baby carriers what they are is women who have life in them and they don't have to have that right to say whether that life should be born or not." 

Tomorrow pro-life marchers will meet at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,  and march to the Las Cruces Downtown Plaza. 

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