EPISD Administration tackles declining enrollment

EPISD Administration tackles declining enrollment

EL PASO, TX - Despite efforts on attracting students from other districts, reports show the El Paso Independent School District has seen a downturn in enrollment over the past several years.

More than 58,000 thousand students are enrolled in EPISD schools. That figure is nearly 2,000 fewer students than the past two years.

Trent Hatch, EPISD Board president, has noticed the decline.
"When you have a drop in student attendance, you want to know why,” said Hatch.

The board suspects truancy may be a factor.

Deputy superintendent Carmen Arrieta- Candelaria said the district is working on making parents more aware of policies, but other changes may have to happen.

"I think some of the policies we have in place can be reviewed to ensure that parents understand those policies in attendance,” said Arrieta-Candelaria.

Austin, Irvin and Jefferson high schools have the poorest attendance records in the district. Continued attendance can being to take an academic toll.

"Any time you miss a day of school you miss instruction, and that's really the most important thing,” said  Arrieta- Candelaria

Not all EPISD classrooms have an abundance of empty seats.

Hughey Elementary School, Wiggs Middle School,
El Paso High School and Franklin High School all have great attendance records.

"we're trying to take a proactive look, a positive look,” said Arrieta-Calendaria. “To reinforce those type of attendance practices."

Aside from keeping the students they have, EPISD is also trying to attract students and parents from other districts by offering innovative options.

"Collaborative learning, technology —all the things that we believe parents are looking for, students are looking for,” said Hatch.

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