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SUNLAND PARK, N.M. - We Build the Wall officially unveiled its 30 foot tall, half-mile long barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border during a dedication ceremony Thursday afternoon. 

Veteran and founder of the online fundraising campaign, Brain Kolfage, and 7-year-old Benton Stevens, who made headlines for opening up a hot chocolate stand in Austin, Texas to raise money for barrier, cut the ceremonial ribbon as confetti flew into the air. 

Guests at the ceremony, including "Angel Families," families of victims killed by illegal immigrants, spoke in front of a Trump 2020 banner hung at the barrier cite. 

One guest included Josephine Terry, the mother of Brian Terry, a Border Patrol agent killed in a shoot out in 2010 by who she said were drug smugglers. 

Josephine Terry said she donated $100 for the construction of the barrier. 

She told ABC-7 she was filled with pride over the construction because she feels it's something her son would have wanted.

"I'm happy for it. I remember Brian always used to tell me. 'We need a wall mom, we need a wall,'" Terry said. 

The group said they have 10 other projects planned in the future. No word on where those future plans will be located. 

Construction of the barrier was put on hold by Sunland Park officials after they put a stop-work order on the group. 

That order has since been lifted. The group said they will spend about $6 to $8 million on the barrier. 

Once complete, the group plans on signing an agreement allowing authorities to patrol the property without having to hand over ownership to federal officials. 

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