Security alert issued for Juarez after violence against police

Violence "expected to continue"

EL PASO, Texas - The U.S. consulate has issued a security alert for those traveling to Juarez.


The alert also covers Chihuahua City, Mexico, which is 235 miles south of El Paso.


It was issued on Jan. 18, hours after what is being called "a series of connected attacks" against police officers in those cities.


Authorities said in an alert posted on the consulate's website that the attacks, believed to be carried out by organized criminal groups, are expected to continue.


American government workers in Juarez are advised to avoid police stations and other law enforcement facilities in those cities "until further notice."


The following are other safety actions encouraged by the U.S. consulate in Juarez:


- For police and other emergency assistance, dial 911

- Be aware of your surroundings at all times

- Monitor local media for updates

- Use caution when driving in heavy traffic or at night

- Drive with your doors locked and windows up

- Be prepared to take alternative routes between home and work and other frequent locations

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