IBWC disputes 'We Build The Wall' claim of support

IBWC disputes We Build The Wall support claim

SUNLAND PARK, New Mexico - The group We Build The Wall posted a video with an update on the private barrier construction detailing plans to install a gate and platform near the American Dam.

"We built our wall, we're coming across with the permission of Jayne Harkins, the International Border Water Commissioner who we sincerely thank for stepping forward, letting us put up a gate and platform system,” said We Build The Wall Foreman Mike.

Despite the mention in Twitter video, the International Boundary and Water Commission said it has no affiliation with the group.

“It's private property, and we are not involved in the construction of that border barrier," said IBWC Public Affairs Officer Lori Kuczmanski.

In the video, Foreman Mike said beside the dam “you'll see the cartel with their binoculars.”

He said the two groups have been “going at it” nightly.

“It’s terrible,” said Foreman Mike. "This is a critical, critical junction where the cartels, as well as the illegals and human sex traffickers are using people.”

The location in which the gate was planned to be constructed is on IBWC grounds, near private property thus causing concern access to Monument One will be obstructed.

"Yes and no,” Kuczmanski explained adding that people who want to access the site will have trouble passing through privately owned land. “You can access it from the other side, in Mexico, as well, but on the U.S. side this is the only way.”

She said the IBWC has the issue "under review at this time."

Foreman Mike was adamant that the gate will go up.

"This is the end, we're shutting it off,” he said.

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