Dismembered body parts found scattered in multiple Juarez locations amid violence surge

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico - Two men were killed and dismembered with their mutilated remains being found scattered in two separate sections of the city over the weekend, according to reports from El Mexicano and El Diario.

The body discoveries contributed to a weekend that saw an escalation of violence in Juarez, with at least a half-dozen murders occurring during that period, Mexican media outlets indicated. Just in the first week of September, 34 Juarez homicides were reported.

Bags containing body parts were first found near Guatemala and Coyoacán streets in the Hidalgo neighborhood. Then later, authorities found heads and hands in an alley near Donato Guerra and Otumba in the downtown area.

The media outlets quoted police as saying that the discoveries were connected and the remains found belonged to two different victims -- both apparently transgendered men who were believed to have been tortured.

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