Border Patrol reviewing video of agent allegedly yelling at migrants: 'Move like cattle'

Border Patrol reviewing video allegedly showing agent yelling at migrants

EL PASO, Texas - The U.S. Border Patrol is reviewing video allegedly showing one of its agents yelling at a group of migrants seeking asylum at the border barrier. 

Eddie Carrillo told ABC-7 he was driving down Paisano on the West Side on Monday when saw a group of migrants being detained next to the fence.

Carrillo said his first thought was to take out his cell phone to record the incident.

"I see this Border Patrol agent screaming his lungs out," Carrillo said. Carillo kept recording and, as he got closer, he said he heard one of the Border Patrol agents screaming, "Muevanse! Muevanse como vacas."  That translates to: "Move! Move like cattle!"

That did not sit well with Carrillo, who sent the video to ABC-7.

"It's frustrating seeing somebody who enforces the law take advantage of that situation trying to push more than what you have to," Carrillo said.

Carillo told ABC-7 he wants the Trump Administration to build a border wall, even if it doesn't completely deter the arrival of migrants. "It's a crisis. People are coming in by the thousands," Carillo said, "The wall will give Border Patrol agents more time to react."

ABC-7 showed Carillo's video to the U.S. Border Patrol. A spokesman tells ABC-7 the federal agency is now looking into what happened.

The agency also sent out this statement that reads:

"The United States Border Patrol stresses honor and integrity in every aspect of our mission...Unprofessional behavior is not tolerated and every complaint against our agency is fully addressed."

Carrillo said he's pleased Border Patrol is looking into the incident.

"I think they [migrants] need to be treated with a little more respect, as they are humans just like we are," Carrillo said. "They're no different. They may not be Americans, but we also gotta treat them with respect."

ABC-7 also reviewed the Border Patrol's Standards of Protocol. It states agents must be polite, respectful and considerate to members of the public.  You can look at the complete Standards of Protocol here.

To watch Carrillo's video, watch ABC-7 at 6.

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