Border Patrol chief talks about impact of migrant surge on El Paso sector

Border Patrol chief full interview

EL PASO, Texas - El Paso has become a focal point in the immigrant crisis.

However, rarely do we get a chance to hear from border officials one-on-one about how the crisis affects their work.

But ABC-7 got just that chance Tuesday.

Chief Aaron Hull spoke with us about how the immigrant surge has affected the El Paso sector.

"Well to give an example, a little more than a year ago we were spending a little more than $1,000 dollars a day on alien supplies. We're currently spending up to $40,000 a day just here in the El Paso sector. The resource requirements continue to go up, and we're not staffed or resourced accordingly," he said.

Hull also discussed the morale of agents who are being stretched thin during the crisis. He said his agents are strong and will adapt and overcome the challenges they face.

You watch the entire interview in the video player at the top of this article.

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