'We Build the Wall' says 'physical impossibility' to breach wall in 'any rapid form'

We Build the Wall demonstrates technology

SUNLAND PARK, New Mexico - The group responsible for building the privately-funded border wall in Sunland Park demonstrated Tuesday the technology associated with the construction project.

The demonstration included a Border Patrol agent driving a vehicle up the paved roadway that runs parallel to the border wall including a stretch of road on a 31 percent grade.

"Within 6 to 10 seconds after someone gets within 40 feet of the gate, or the wall, everything gets activated," Foreman Mike, the construction manager, said. "All the cameras. Border Patrol gets notified. The lights. Now we have a good, safe system in place where our Border Patrol [agents] aren't out here in the dark. They've got a well-lit, safe path to work with."

The test run showed a Border Patrol vehicle making it to the top of the wall in 40 seconds at 25 miles per hour. Prior to the construction of the road it took agents 17 to 20 minutes to get around the backside of the mountain, according to Foreman Mike.

Foreman Mike tells ABC-7 the project is now complete and crews are in the cleaning stages which includes the addition of a chain-linked fence along the road on private property.

'We Build The Wall' says the concrete pour on the wall goes 7 feet below the surface and is reinforced with hardened rebars that go 10 feet below the ground.

"It's a physical impossibility to get through this in any rapid form at all."

Foreman Mike says the technology makes a breach of the wall even more difficult.

"With our systems that notify, it's impossible. An agent can be here, or multiple agents, within a matter of minutes."

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