PETCO awards Animal Services $500K grant for 'first-of-its kind' cat adoption plan

The Cat Cafe

EL PASO, Texas - El Paso Animal Services has come up with a unique way to get pet lovers to adopt cats.

It's going straight to the source where folks go to enjoy animals: the El Paso Zoo.

While the average zoo visitor may not want to take home lions or tigers, they will be able to go home with domesticated cats when visiting the El Paso zoo nezt year.

Staff at Animal Services found a unique way to encourage folks to adopt cats by coming up with this unique, first-of-its kind idea.

Staff submitted a proposal to PETCO for a $90,000 grant.  PETCO was so impressed, it awarded animal services a $500,000 grant to open a cat cafe.

The cat cafe will be the first of it's kind in the nation. Animal services director says it just makes sense.

"People that own animals go to the zoo. They wanna learn abut cats, feel the cats. the kids can learn about cats. They can see the big tigers, the lions. We have a lot of opportunities that we're gonna offer to El Paso with this cats at the zoo cafe." said Animal Services director, Paula Powel.

Animal services hope other zoos across the nation become copy cats and adopt the same model.

The cat cafe is scheduled to open in spring of 2020.

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