Suspected mosquito infestation in El Paso's Lower Valley turns out to be midges

Midges mistaken for mosquitoes

EL PASO, Texas - What appeared to be an infestation of hundreds of mosquitos around an apartment building in El Paso's Lower Valley actually turned out to be a case of mistaken identity.

 "I actually went out there to go investigate, and we found out that they are midges, and they really do look like a mosquito," said Jimmy Smith, a code compliance manager for the city.

If it had been a mosquito infestation, that would have been a major health and safety issue for people living in those apartments, but instead the culprit is much less threatening.

Midges, while having a similar appearance to mosquitoes, can't spread disease because they don't feed on blood. As a result, Vector Control officials indicated they only spray for mosquitoes, not midges.

"But if we find an infestation of another type of insect we will recommend that they find an exterminator," Smith said.

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