12-year-old El Paso girl celebrates major milestone in her battle with Leukemia

Girls cancer battle won

Amber Berry, a twelve-year-old girl from El Paso, has battled cancer for the last three years, but this week, she celebrated a milestone in her cancer journey.

ABC-7 started following her battle with cancer last year when she worked to raise awareness about childhood cancer. Her message - never ever give up.

She celebrated by ringing the bell at Providence Memorial Hospital, signifying she is done with chemo-therapy. Her family overcoming the trial through a strength not of their own.

"Well my mom and of course, Jesus," Amber Berry said through tears.

"Yea, we pulled, we pulled strength through our faith," Amber's mom, Renee Berry, said.

Faith and their family coming together pulled Amber through, but not without fear along the way.

"When I found out I had it, I was scared," Amber said through tears as her mom comforted her. "I didn't know what it really was, and I didn't really know what was going to happen."

And faith was at the forefront fo their minds from the very beginning.

"God's bigger than this. God's bigger than this over and over and over," Renee Berry said.

Amber, filled with celebration, also provided encouragement to the kids who are just starting their battle with cancer.

"Don't be scared," she said. "Just think, 'Well, get this over with and then I will be ringing my bell very soon and I can just keep fighting strong and never ever think to give up.'"

"You need to come together and you all fight it as a family," Renee Berry said.

As Amber said, Never Ever Give Up!

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