Fishy new shot causing a splash in El Paso

Fishy new shot in El Paso

EL PASO, Texas - There's a new shot in town and it's called "The Last Swim."

The shot includes a live fish and is served at Zocalo, a new bar that recently opened up on Airway. Co-owner Eddie Velasquez go the idea for the "fish shot" in Dallas.

"Five years ago, I was at a bar and heard a lot of commotion. I checked it out and they were taking a live fish shot," Velasquez said.

The shot is a house shot with a live minnow in a cup of water on the side, you take the fish, drop it in the shot, and drink it.

It's caused a huge splash on social media in El Paso.

When Velasquez opened Zocalo, he approached the Health Department about the idea of the 'fish shot.'  The concept was so new in El Paso the department had to look it up.

"We did have to talk to the department of health, state services, to see if that was something they can do, how it related to the food code, and we got guidelines from them about what other cities have done in this exact situation," said Chris Saxton, with Sanitary Services.

The shot is legal and Zocalo is the only bar in El Paso with the proper permits for it, the Health Department said.

Still, the Health Department doesn't recommend it. Saxton said the fish is not regulated because it is served as a "side gift" with the shot, and not in the shot itself.

"You are the person who  actually (has to insert) the fish in your shot," Velasquez said.

The bar owner said the response to the fish shot has been over overwhelmingly positive. "It's been great. We've had great response," Velasquez said.

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