Entertainment News: Forbes publishes its list of richest celebrities for 2018

Entertainment News 12.19.18

Forbes has published its list of America's richest celebrities for 2018.

"Star Wars" creator George Lucas tops this year's list with a net worth of 5.4 billion dollars! Much of it from the four billion he made selling Lucas Film to Disney.

His fellow director Steven Spielberg is in the number two spot.

Spielberg's four decades of blockbuster movie-making has left him with a net worth of 3.7 billion dollars.

Media mogul Oprah is the third richest celebrity in the US. Her net worth is 2.8 billion dollars.

Sports star Michael Jordan climbs up the rankings to the number four spot, thanks to his sneaker fortune and a stake in the charlotte hornets. His net worth is 1.7 billion.

Kylie Jenner has a net worth 900-million, which puts her at a tie for the fifth place spot with music mogul Jay Z, who also boasts a fortune of 900-million dollars.

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