El Paso considers electric scooter program

Rules and regulations established for...

El Paso, TEXAS - El Paso city leaders are close to bringing back electric scooters as a fresh new mode of public transportation.


Since the start of 2019, city leaders have already approved an ordinance for the scooters with rules and regulations having been adopted.


Scooter companies like Glide, Bird and Lime have been in constant contact with the city and have already submitted applications to get their devices on the streets.


City officials say that safety will be a top priority however helmets will not be mandatory for riders.


El Paso is looking at a 12 month pilot program to see how residents react to the scooters.


“We encourage them to ride on streets less than 35 miles per hour and also to ride on sidewalks and also to be aware that other citizens and pedestrians are using the sidewalks as well," said El Paso Director of Planning and Inspections Philip Etiwe.


Final approval for some of the applications could come in just a few days.


During this process, officials researched scooter programs from other city's to make sure they were borrowing the best elements.


“This is an economic development type program for us," said Etiwe. "These companies are coming in. They’re doing business in our community so they’re paying taxes and they are paying permit fees so that is a very good thing for us.”


Scooter companies will have to pay a $371 application for each one of their devices that they put on El Paso's street.


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