Dwellyoga offers free classes for furloughed workers. Even after the government re-opens

Paying it furloughed

Las Cruces, New Mexico - The stress of not having a stable income can be stressful, especially if you still have to work without pay.

Dwellyoga in the downtown Las Cruces mall is giving those furloughed employees a break. With a program called, "Paying it Furloughed."

Jane Bloom, the operator of Dwellyoga wanted to give back to those who give so much.

"Everyone was jumping on board to offer free yoga to anyone that is impacted by the government shutdown. So this is just a way for us to give back. Its really stressful for people to be off work right now and not know when they are going to receive their next paycheck." Bloom said.

While putting this story together President Trump announced a tempoarity re-opening of the government.

Bloom though is still offering three free weeks to those furloughed employees that were effected.

If you are interested in participating in the program this is the link to their website:

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