Dallas Cowboys super fans share why they think they're the biggest Cowboy's fan in the world

EL PASO, Texas -  Recently ABC 7 visited the home of a man, Jose Hernandez, who claimed to be the biggest Dallas Cowboys' fan in the world.  He constructed a miniature Dallas Cowboys field in his backyard.

His story prompted other Cowboys' fans to share their photos with ABC 7 and profess their love for the Cowboys, each fan claiming to be the biggest fan!

Here are some of their pictures and stories:

Paul Torres wrote ABC 7 and said "I beg to differ. When you relocate to Dallas, invest in season tickets, travel to road games, and dress up every Sunday while holding down a job in the Dallas PD like Jaime Castro...your back yard would look nice, but it doesn't make you the best."

Wayne Hall, from Pine Bluff Arkansas also wrote in saying, he is a match for biggest Cowboys' fan!

Wayne has turned an entire room of his house into the Dallas Cowboys field, complete with free weights, and exercise machines!  He calls it his Man Cave!!

A woman named Hilda also wrote in after seeing the story on the backyard football field. She wanted to share the story of her father in law Juan Hernandez who she describes as a true die hard Cowboy fan. Hilda said, "He even asked to be buried in his cowboy stuff," she said, "His office was a cowboy memorial he even had his house painted cowboy style." 

ABC 7 would love to thank the responses from Cowboy fans and those wanting to share their stories.


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