A Weight Loss Journey: Father and daughter share their story

Father daughter lose over 700 pounds...

EL PASO, Texas - After undergoing bariatric surgery, an El Paso father and daughter duo embarked on a weight-loss journey and lost more than 300 pounds combined.

Keith Boutwell, 61, and his daughter, Jessye Boutwell, 22, weighed more than 700 pounds combined before the surgery.

"I had a doctor tell me one time that if I didn't do something, he would not see me next year- because I'll be dead," Keith told ABC-7.

Keith said he weighted 446 pounds before the surgery, now he weighs about 226 pounds.

Before the surgery, Keith told ABC-7 he was never able to go shopping with his wife, now he keeps up with her during an entire shopping trip.

"I've been able to keep the weight off for a year-and-a-half. I'm more energetic. I do things I couldn't do before," said Keith.

After seeing her fathe's success, Jessye decided she wanted to try it too.

"Losing all this weight has opened a lot of doors for me. I'm able to be more active with my friends and do more things I was never able to do," said Jessye.

Jessye said she has lost more than 150 pounds and is excited she doesn't have to shop in the plus size section anymore and she can shop at any store without worrying if they have her size.

Dr. Benjamin Clapp, the medical director at Bariatric Center, performed surgery on both Keith and Jessye.

"I think the most gratifying thing about operating on a father and daughter is to see the improvement in the father's life and the enjoyment of life they both share together now," said Dr. Clapp.

During bariatric surgery, the size of the stomach is reduced and the intestines are re-routed. There are many qualifying factors for weight-loss surgery and many risks associated.





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