New driving simulator video game helps teens learn rules of the road

New video game teaches teens to drive on XBox

EL PASO, Texas - Teaching a teenager how to drive can be difficult for any parent.


However, a new driving simulation game has become popular with the promise of bringing much needed experience to young drivers from the safety and comfort of their couches.


The game is called Driving Essentials XE and was released recently for the XBOX One Console.


The game comes equipped with challenging real world scenarios like bad weather, distracted driving and parallel parking.


The number of teen driving deaths has continued to haunt parents with thousands killed and tens of thousands injured in auto accidents every year.


“With this release, Driving Essentials XE, we can reach teens in their homes because there is about 16 million xboxes throughout the United States and two million new teens get their drivers license every year and we want to reach as many as we possibly can," said Virtual Driver Interactive CEO Bob Davis.


These kinds of simulators have already become popular with other professionals as they are regularly used by pilots and surgeons to sharpen their focus and experience.


“The idea of actually training you so you don’t crash, nobody has taken on that role," said Davis. "At the very best, parents that are well meaning will try to help their kids but they are not trained to do it and investing the time in it is difficult.”


While more traditional training like drivers ed is still important, the game is designed to be a cheaper alternative and engage young kids on a deeper level.









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