Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer: Early detection is key

Dr Robert Prieto on early breast...

If you haven't had a mammogram, it's time to make an appointment. Early detection saves lives.  

ABC-7 recently spoke with Dr. Robert Prieto, an oncologist with Texas Tech Physicians who specializes in breast cancer. 

In addition to not smoking, Dr. Prieto suggests women make good food choices and exercise regularly. 

While doing these things does not guarantee you will not develop breast cancer, it will help you fight it. 

"You shouldn't feel guilty. You didn't do anything wrong. It just happens," said Dr. Prieto, "Doing everything right will make getting through chemotherapy and radiation easier."

Dr. Prieto urges you to do monthly breast self-exams and reminds you that you are your best advocate. 

Texas Tech got a $2 million grant to study breast cancer on the border. You can learn more about the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center-El Paso Breast Cancer Care Center here.

 Keep Abreast and tell the women in your life to click here and register for these monthly reminders.

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