Brain aneurysms more common in women

Women have higher risk of brain aneurysms

El Paso, Texas - According to newly released data from the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, women are more vulnerable to suffering a brain aneurysm than men.

In total, there are over 30,000 such ruptures a year with approximately 6 million Americans being at risk.

For all of medicine's advances, aneurysms remain extremely difficult to detect pre-rupture.

That is why 40% of those cases end up being fatal.

Doctors point out that such devastating events often occur in otherwise healthy women in their 20s.

The most notable victim of this complication is "Game of Throne's" star Emilia Clarke who survived two such ruptures in 2011 and 2013.

Some doctors tie aneurysms to weak walls that surround key arteries while smoking can also be a contributing factor.

“Actually we maintain to have aneurysms one and a half times more than men," said neurologist at Del Sol Medical Center Adaeze Onuoha. "So that is already a problem. Even though research has not completely proven this it is believed that it is because of the hormonal changes.”


 Another at risk group that has doctors concerned is post menopausal women over the age of 55, especially those dealing with high cholesterol and blood pressure issues.,

“Only 10% go back to work," said Doctor Onuoha. "Some of them will go to rehab but they will live with both physical and cognitive disabilities. Aneurysms are a big deal. As soon as the patient comes in and complains of worst headache of my life, imaging studies will be done.”

Such ruptures can strike incredibly fast with a massive and sudden headache often being the only symptom of an incoming disaster.

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