Texas charter public high school system unveils new name, logo

EL PASO, Texas - (Editors' note: The following is sponsored content)

The Texas public charter high school system officially announced its new name and unveiled its logo during a Thursday news conference at the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. (You can watch the news conference in the video player below.)

The new name — Triumph Public High Schools — was unveiled by Superintendent and CEO Frances a gathering of numerous education and community leaders.


Triumph Public High Schools says it provides community-based alternative educational programs for non-traditional students and at-risk youth.


It offers students a non-traditional setting in which it says teachers are free to be creative and innovative, and students are offered flexible schedules.


Triumph Public High Schools has spent over 25 years providing non-traditional education in Texas. They are accredited by the Texas Education Agency and offer a tuition-free curriculum.

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