Woman accused of burglarizing area gym lockers facing additional charge

EL PASO, Texas - Police say a woman suspected of stealing a cell phone from a bank employee and burglarizing several gym lockers is facing an additional charge of Burglary of a Building. 

Stacy Lizlee Dukes, 28, is charged with Burglary of a Building. Police did not release Dukes' arrest photo, but did release a surveillance photo of the woman prior to the arrest, asking the public for help identifying her. 

Police said a bank employee at the Wells Fargo bank located at 4600 Woodrow Bean entered his private office and encountered Dukes inside with her personal belongings strewn across his desk.

Dukes was asked to gather her belongings and leave. After Dukes left, the employee noticed his cell phone missing from his desk, police said. 

Officers located Dukes at a residence on the 10700 block of Captain Valtr. Dukes was allegedly in possession of the stolen cell phone, police said. 

In addition to the stolen phone, officers allegedly recovered the property of three victims of separate gym locker thefts, police said. 

Police said a purse in Dukes' possession, believed to be the purse pictured in previously released surveillance photos, contained a set of bolt cutters. 

Police booked Dukes into the El Paso County Detention Facility under a $2,500 bond. Additional charges are expected to be filed later. 

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