Police: Woman killed boyfriend because he was going to shoot her stomach to kill baby

EL PASO, Texas - Police said the woman accused of stabbing and killing her boyfriend with a tattoo needle confessed to killing him because the man was going to shoot her in the stomach in order to kill her and her baby.

Elizabeth Muñoz is on trial for the murder of 31-year-old Raul Robles on March 1, 2014 at the Alvarez Apartments near Lomaland and North Loop.

The Detective who interviewed Muñoz after the stabbing was called to the stand to testify Tuesday.

During his testimony, a video recording of Muñoz's interview with the detective was shown to the jury.

In that interview, Munoz tells her side of the story and the detective tells Muñoz he knows her story isn't all true.

As the detectives are pressuring Muñoz to tell the truth, she says "I can't" twice.  The video then cuts off because of a "glitch in the system."

Back in the court room, once the video was shut off, the detective on the stand said Muñoz confessed to stabbing Robles. 

The jury was then shown the portion of the recording after the glitch. When police told Muñoz the video glitched, the woman is overheard saying she was not aware she was being recorded.

Muñoz then agreed to a second interview, but insists that it not be recorded. A transcript of the interview was provided instead.

In that second interview, Muñoz allegedly confessed to stabbing Robles. She said, "He was going to use a gun to shoot me in the stomach so the baby wouldn't survive. So, I decided to stab Raul. I told detective that I used a tool that Raul uses to tattoo.I walked up to Raul and said 'babe why?' and stabbed him two times."

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