New details, video emerge in south El Paso dog attack, shooting

Dog attack update

EL PASO, Texas - New details and video emerged Monday of a south El Paso dog attack that resulted in police shooting a pair of dogs.

Officers responded to a report of dogs attacking two men last week in the 2100 block of Cypress, which is just down the street from Bowie High School.

The men were doing construction work in the area on Friday when they were attacked and one of them was bitten, police said.

In a statement issued Monday, police said the officers who arrived at the scene found the dogs loose on the street and unsuccessfully attempted to coax them with treats.

After several attempts to control the animals, both dogs attacked the officers who attempted to fend them off using a baton and tasers. The dogs were shot after they lunged at and bit an officer, the statement said. The injured officer was treated at a hospital for minor injuries.

In a video provided to ABC-7 by a witness, you can see and hear officers fire three rounds at the dogs — which were reported to be pit bulls.

One of the dogs died at the scene and the other has now been euthanized; police said neither dog was chipped or tagged and the owners have not been identified.

The EPPD Internal Affairs unit is looking into the incident, which is standard practice whenever officers discharge their weapons.

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