Juarez Media: Two El Paso men murdered outside seafood restaurant

XHIJ VIDEO: Two El Paso men killed in Juarez

JUAREZ, Mexico - Two El Paso men were reportedly killed in Juarez Tuesday night, Juarez media report.

The shootings happened outside of "Los Arcos," a seafood restaurant in Downtown Juarez, at about 8 p.m.

El Diario and XHIJ are identifying the two men killed as Sergio Sanchez and Gerardo Escobar, both of El Paso. The identities have not been confirmed by Chihuahua State Police.

The men were shot as they were getting into a Jeep Cherokee with Texas plates outside of the restaurant, XHIJ reports.

Staff at the restaurant locked the doors and kept diners inside until police arrived, El Diario reports.

XHIJ in Juarez reports the victims were struck by eight rounds. Crime Scene investigators reportedly recovered several 40 caliber shell casings at the scene.


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