EPPD: Couple threatened victims during road rage incident, fired gun

EL PASO, Texas - Police arrested a couple who allegedly confronted their victims with weapons during a road rage incident.

April Stearns, 39; and George Natividad, 42, are each charged with two counts of Aggravated Assault.

Police said the incident happened during a "near collision" involving two cars. Both parties "exchanged words to which the offenders responded by threatening the victims with weapons," police said in a news release.

Stearns, allegedly armed with a baton; and Natividad, allegedly armed with a gun, exited their vehicle and threatened the victims while they were stopped at a red light, police said. 

Natividad allegedly fired the gun in the direction of the victims before he and Stearns drove away, police added.

Police officers responding to the scene located Stearns and Natividad in a Ford Flex at the intersection of Pratt and Saul Kleinfeld. 

The couple was booked into the El Paso County Detention Facility. Stearns' bonds were set at $30,000. Natividad's bonds were set at more than $50,000 for the assault charges and 14 other traffic and municipal warrants.


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