Dozens of cars found unlocked in east El Paso during random check by sheriff

Lock it or lose it campaign

EL PASO, Texas - "Lock It Or Lose It"  - it's the latest initiative the El Paso County Sheriff's Office wants the public to know about, with a goal of keeping your car safe and secure. 

Vehicle burglaries are common, but can be easily prevented, according to the sheriff's office. 

"A theft is a crime of opportunity," said Sgt. Robert Torrez. 

In Texas, almost  60,000 cars and trucks are stolen each year, and thousands more are burglarized.  

As a part of the initiative, sheriff's deputies patrol neighborhoods to ensure residents are properly locking their vehicles and homes. 

"It does deter the crime because people do see the units out," said Torrez. 

During a recent patrol in far east El Paso neighborhoods deputies found 67 unlocked cars. 

Authorities let all owners know to lock their cars, and ensured they properly secured their vehicles. 

Deputies shared the following tips: Remove or secure and hide cell phones, stereos, valuables, wallets, purses and packages from vehicles. 

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