"Caution in all areas:" State Department warns of Juarez travel

State Department issues travel warning to Mexico

EL PASO, Texas - The U.S. State Department has updated its travel warnings for Mexico and Ciudad Juarez is on the list.

"Exercise caution in all areas," advises the report. "U.S. government personnel are prohibited from traveling after dark west of Eje Juan Gabriel and south of Boulevard Zaragoza."

Non-essential travel should be deferred to the areas southeast of Boulevard Independencia and the Valle de Juarez region.

The warning, issued Tuesday, said criminal activity and violence remains an issue throughout the state of Chihuahua and its major cities. 

"If you plan to drive in the state of Chihuahua, you should limit travel to daylight hours on major highways" and follow the travel recommendations offered.

No advisories are in place for Mexico City or San Miguel De Allende, popular destinations for many American retirees, however, caution is advised for visitors to Cancun and the Mayan Riviera.

The report acknowledges the Mexican government "dedicates substantial resources to protect visitors to major tourist destinations and has engaged in an extensive effort to counter criminal organizations that engage in narcotics trafficking and other unlawful activities throughout Mexico."

To read the state-by-state advisory, click here.


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