Wind is associated with some of weather's most complicated storms

Wind and Air Pressure

What causes the wind?

EL PASO, Texas - Do you love windy days? The answer is probably, no! But--wind is actually a simple matter of science. Air is always in motion, air pressure is not constant, and it varies as a result of different factors, especially temperature.

During the experiment Meteorologist Jason Laney uses the air pressure in the studio which is the area of high pressure to crush the soda can. The inside of the can has "water vapor" while the outside studio air is dry air. The water vapor in the can will condense back to liquid water leaving a partially evacuated soda can.

The pressure inside the can is much lower than the outside surrounding air. As air moves from high to low pressure, the outside air will attack the can from all sides causing it to collapse just from the air around it.

The wind blows because of differences in air pressure from one place to another. If the high pressure area is very close to the low pressure area or if the pressure difference is very great, the wind can blow very fast.

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