Street slumps in second west El Paso sinkhole

Street slumps in second west El Paso sinkhole

EL PASO, Texas - A second sinkhole appeared in west El Paso this weekend, feet from the first one. 

The sinkholes are located near Villa Hermosa Drive and La Placita Avenue, near the intersection of Belvidere Street and Westwind Drive. 

On Saturday, ABC-7 reported a woman was driving in the area when she, and her vehicle, fell into the first sinkhole. 

El Paso Water officials said a storm drain under the road collapsed. 

The woman was able to get out of the pit with minor scrapes. 

With more rain in the weather forecast there's a chance both sinkholes will continue to corrode and get bigger. 

Alan Schubert, vice president of operations for El Paso Water's technical services, said the water system needs to be fixed, but funding is limited. 

"It was overwhelmed with rain, and it's an old system," said Schubert.  "It's old and in bad shape. A little corroded, so it'll need some work." 

Plans to fix the sinkholes are underway, however they have not been scheduled. 


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