Socorro neighbors cleaning up flooded streets, asking city for help

Socorro Cleanup

SOCORRO, Texas - Neighbors on Socorro's Coker road are cleaning up after hard rains Saturday.
The roads along their houses were flooded, bringing in dirt, mud, and water into their homes; after being told these were private roads the cleanup falls on them
Residents say construction in far east El Paso over the past 17 years has pushed water down to the city of Socorro with nowhere else to go.

"It's not that we built in a flood zone, it's not that we said "Hey let's all go live in a flood zone,' They made this a flood zone,” said Rick Avalos, whose house was flooded.

ABCi7 reporter was standing in a canal next to this Socorro neighborhood, and although it looked like solid mud, it was actually plant matter, trash, and dirt floating on water that reached almost up to his knees.

Neighbors say just Saturday the canal was full and all the water was being pushed out of there and into their homes.

"In the afternoon it was up to my waist, as you can see we have two vehicles, those are probably gone. The water inside my house was up to my knee, so the majority of the house is gone as well,” Avalos said.

Residents told ABC-7 this wasn't a problem before the 2000's. Once the issue began, some were forced to abandon their homes. Many of them still stand, completely filled and covered with mud that has built up over years of flooding.

Residents say for now they're getting short term help.

"The red cross is helping us with food and a place to stay,” said Victoria Snowden, another neighbor,

They're asking for the City of Socorro and its new government to help in the long term to stop the funneling of water into their streets.

"Please, come and help us, try to do something,” Snowden asked.

"We had elections yesterday, I hope that the new mayor would at least instruct the city manager to do something about this,” Avalos said.

For now residents are waiting to see if it'll be weeks or months until they can return home.


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