Snow Totals across the Country

El Paso is a blessed city so far this winter. We haven't experienced much bad weather at all. We had our first big blast of cold air in the fall (November 23 and 24) just before Thanksgiving behind an Arctic front. Those two days we only reached a high in the mid and upper 30's with some snow in Las Cruces and El Paso .
The brunt of all the snow and Arctic air has been concentrated throughout portions of the Midwest, Great Lakes , South and East coast. Those folks have been tried and tested to the extreme. Many of these areas have experienced one of the worst, if not the worst snowfall and ice on record.
Here are some of the cities that continue to dig out of the record breaking storm. I've listed how much snow they have seen as of February, 17th, compared to what the average is.

Snowfall accumulation since Fall, 2013 - Courtesy: National Weather Service

Chicago: 67" (current) / 26" (normal) – 40" above normal!
Indianapolis: 52" (current) / 21" (normal)
Atlanta, Georgia: 3.6" (current) / 1.9" (normal)
New York: 56" (current) / 18" (normal)
Pittsburgh, PA: 54" (current) / 28.5" (normal)
Greenville, NC: 9.3" (current) / 3" (normal)
Grand Rapids, Michigan: 95" (current) / 60" (normal)
Cleveland, Ohio: 60" (current) / 47" (normal)
Albuquerque, NM: 6.6" (current) / 11" (normal)
Boston, MA, 53.5" (current) / 30" (normal)
Birmingham, AL: 5" (current) / 0.8" (normal)
Milwaukee, WI: 49" (current) / 34" (normal)

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