Outlook for spring, 2014

If you follow the latest computer models and keep up with the recent long range forecast, you might not be too pleased with El Paso's spring outlook. The Climate Prediction Center has just updated the latest forecast for April, May and June (spring and early summer months).
When it comes to precipitation, the El Paso area (along with the rest of the country) is expected to see an equal chance at seeing above normal, normal or below normal amounts of rain. The area anticipated to witness below normal precipitation is concentrated over California. This is one area that has been hard hit with the drought and can't afford any lack of rainfall, especially since we get a lot of fruit and produce from that part of the country.
The bulk of the above normal temperatures will be concentrated in the southern states. El Paso is one of the many areas that could see above normal temperatures continue (March was an above normal month). In fact, the models are a bit more confident that temps will be warmer, compared to last months model runs. The states of Arizona and California will bear the brunt of the anticipated above normal highs. The colder air will be centered across the northern portion of the United States.

Precipitation Outlook for Spring

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Temperature Outlook for Spring

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