Monsoon 2013 Ends in a Bang

September, 2013 - We ended our 2013 Monsoon with a bang! The El Paso airport recorded 8.16" of rainfall for our summer months compared to the average of 5.14." This is an increase of just over 3" above the normal. According to the National Weather Service in Santa Teresa, this summer is now the 11th wettest on record!

Our monsoon is observed from June 15th through September 30th. This is the time of year that we typically get most of our annual precipitation. Going in to the season in early June, the entire area was in a severe drought. In fact, we were looking at the potential of experiencing four years in a row of below normal precipitation.

Most of the rain came during the months of July and September. July experienced just over three inches of rain (3.13") while September (normally our third wettest month of the year) absorbed the most rain so far this year with 3.85". Most of the rain for September occurred on the twelfth where three to five inches fell across El Paso. The onslaught of rain caused flash flood watches and warnings throughout the city. Due to the extreme weather, Trans mountain road had to close and La Union, NM had flooding that caused numerous damage to roads and homes.

The rains certainly helped put a dent in our drought but we are still undergoing drought conditions. Hopefully this winter we will continue to experience above normal precipitation and a good spring runoff of snowmelt.

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