ABC-7 StormTRACK: Making a white Christmas

Nichole Gomez and Meteorologist Jason Laney

Making your own winter wonderland

EL PASO, Texas - Our first snow of the season is now behind us, everyone is now in the winter mood. The inevitable question that always comes up at this time of the year is "Will we have a white Christmas?" Meteorologist Jason Laney with the National Weather Service said a "there is only a 2 percent chance in Las Cruces and a 4 percent chance in El Paso.

" When it comes to making snow, we could never duplicate the correct conditions in the ABC-7 studio.

Everyone in the studio would freeze because it would need to be below freezing. The lack of freezing temperatures is not the biggest issue we face here in the Borderland, rather it's the lack of moisture when we get cold that is the key. Laney said.

That is why at places like Ski Apache can make snow simply by blowing a fine mist into the air when it is below freezing using the famous snow cannons. Laney said the chances for more snow between now and Christmas is not very good based on the current forecast. So you can try it yourself at home.

Making snow is easy to make, easy to clean up, and even feels cold to the touch. This is something kids and parents can do alike. Simply is mix about 6 or 7 parts baking soda with a simple white colored hair conditioner.

It makes a cool snow like concoction that can be pressed together to make snowballs, miniature snowmen, or broken apart into flakes to decorate Christmas village scenes on the mantle. Give it a try, it's really fun!

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