investigation-- that began as a missing persons case. police arrested two men during a swat standoff a few days ago. it happened at a home on the 89- hundred block of ortega court. tonight-- we are hearing grisly details from witnesss. abc-7's stephanie guadian is live in the newsroom tonight. and stephanie... you spent the evening going over all the new court documents that we got a hold of. what did you find? i learned information police have not shared with us yet. anthony trejo was reported missing around the 12th of this month. his disapperance was a mystery.. until el paso police got an unexpected break during a swat situation... involving unrelated criminal warrants: nat full "abre la puerta..oh my god, this is so scary....this is the police department. open up." a viewer sent us this video. officers, along with swat team members, surrounded the home in el paso's lower valley. the suspects are identified as 33- year-old roberto favela and 41-year- old romuldo trujillo. detectives say they found evidence at the home that linked both men to trejos' death. their mugshots are not yet being released. according to court document investigators talked to three witnesses. one of the witness reports to el paso police... favela allegedly admitted to murdering trejo. the witness says favela hit trejo in the head with a metal dumbbell. a second witness reported seeing trejo being assaulted by favela, trujillo and a third man. the victim was reportedly wrapped in a cloth, bound with electrical wires, taken and dumped in mexico. a third witness reported seeing trejo being stepped on. the witness saw blood on the carpet afterwards-- that was allegedly cleaned up by the defendants. according to investigators, favela was wearing the victim's watch at the time of his arrest. witnesses expressed concerns of retaliation by the defendants-- saying favela has been known to carry and threaten people with a machete-- and has possible connections to drug trafficking organization. estela-- back to you. authorities in dona ana county are getting two different stories about a murder that