considered obese -- according to the centers for disease control and prevention. september is childhood obesity awareness month. local experts tell abc-seven's stephanie valle -- it isn't too late to reverse the trend: nats: "can i help you?" for ma kids -- school lunch is whatever you can eat -- when time and money are tight. nats: talking pediatrician rana kronfol doesn't hesitate to tell parents when their children's diet is becoming a problem. kronfol 2.24 sometimes they feel like it's almost a personal attack, and it's really not meant to be. i comment, 'if i don't tell you this, i'm not really helping you and i'm not doing what i'm supposed to be doing.'" 2.3 kronfol says the cute 'pansa' on a toddler is not healthy on an older child. kronfol 1.23 i think overweight is something that people think looks fine. and i think the issue with that is a lot of people are overweight, and that's become the new norm. 1.33 dietician eloisa mena thinks childhood obesity is an epidemic caused by many factors. mena 33 fast food options, and just not knowing what to eat -- education." these health expert agree -- introduce more whole fruits and vegetables: the more color on the plate, the better. and they urge parents to exhibit good eating habits themselves. steph stand 13.53 here's an idea for breakfast. instead of opting for some big, huge pancakes and a side of syrup and butter, how about you go for smaller pancakes -- about the size of a dvd -- some bacon, and some fruit. 14.10 mena @ 8.15 i know it can be overwhelming when it comes to eating healthy. but doing baby steps at a time. kronfol 6.47 little changes make a difference changes on the plate -- leading to changes on the body. sv, abc-7. u-s-d-a's my-plate- dot-gov website -- has portion sizes and healthy recipes. we've included the link to the site in this story, on