says their final goodbyes - to an officer who sacrificed his life. funeral services for officer clint corvinus were held today. our jerry najera has more: the services for officer corvinus were heartfelt. while many mourned his loss, there was also a time to pause and reflect on the happier times and moments of his life outside --boder patrol agents stand at attention infront the american flag covered casket of alamogordo officer clint corvinus. "we don't know why tragedie like this happen but we do know that there are bad people in the world and they do not respect the uniform. that is why law enforcement professionals like officer corvinus put on the uniform every single day" inside --governor susana martinez looked over at the hundreds of law enforment agents as she reminded them of the risks that come with the job but there was a break from the heartache as corvinus's partner of one year reminisced on thier time together. "i will miss clinton being sarcastic putting his butt out his hand leaning on his gun going cross-eyed and telling me will you look at that kyle will you look at that" perhaps one of the most touching moments was when governor martinez corvinus's 14-year old daughter: "jessic your father loved you and he will always be with you" and talked about the hero her father was "a man who was willing to giv up his life to protect those he loved and those he didn't even know" officer corvinus leaves behind his parents and his daughter--but it's clear he made an impact on so many as more than 2 thousand attended saturday's funeral services. reporting from alamogordo with our new mexico mobile news room im jerry najera with abc-7. "natural sound"