country are having to switch millions of employees from salary ... to hourly pay, with overtime . at n-m-s-u, some employees will go a full month between paydays! abc-7's jamie warren joins us live from nmsu with the latest. jamie? the switch affects roughly 800 employees here at nmsu. this email they received says if you make less than 47,000 dollars a year, you'll now be paid hourly. but the way the university is adjusting has some concerned. pkg sot 12:38:41 it's not that they're skipping a pay check its that their pay cycle is being pushed forward two weeks nmsu's employment and compensation department tells me concerned employees are calling nonstop. an employee emailed us to say "this will put me behind on all my bills. i hope this can get investigated for how unfair and stressful this is for nmsu employees" here's what's going on: in the month of october, if you're a salary employee and work from october 16-31, you get paid on the 31st, as you always have. but starting november, employees who are switch to hourly pay will work november 1-15, but will have to wait to receive that pay check until the 30th. thereafter, pay checks will be on a two week lag. the university says that's to make sure potential overtime is accounted for. employees will wait the entire month of november to get paid. 13:03:45 the university says there are other options available for employees who can't wait until the end of that month to receive that paycheck 12:38:47 what the university has offered is a pay gap wage assistance program which is in essence a loan for this fiscal year where the university will allow them to request up the amount of one of their net pays while those employees will now be eligible for overtime, the university may rarely authorize it. sot agnew 12:42:33 the chances of them being able to afford overtime are probably going to be minimal and they'll need to be really related to a critical business need tag employees will have to get used to working a 40 hours a week, and turning in time sheets. we have tag employees will have to get used to working a 40 hours a week, and turning in time sheets. we have a link for anyone with additional questions or concerns. you can go there right now under this story on our top stories section on another live look at the city tonight from the abc-seven mountain