still the talk of las cruces tonight... with video from an officer's lapel camera just released to the public. this is the same shooting that happen while officer jose chavez's funeral was underway. "natural sound" sirens blaring. body cam video shows officers rushing to the scene... screeching to a halt after finding the suspect - 36-year-old juan gabriel torres on the lohman avenue overpass... the las cruces police department released that video hours ago... and with it - a letter from district attorney mark d'antonio - who says the actions of the officers involved in the shooting were justified. abc- seven's evan folan has the new information tonight... ... explaining why the district attorney came to that decision... before i show you the rest of that video ... i want to walk you through the chain of events - leading up to that deadly shooting. an hour and a half before torres was shot... officers were called out - after reports of robbery and theft of a pickup... the victim of that carjacking was an 86 year old man and this picture shows his injury... police say torres violently pulled the keys to the truck from his hand causing it to bleed. torres drove off - soon after - lcpd officers spotted the stolen pickup - tried to pull him over - but torres refused and led officers on a brief pursuit. officers abandoned the pursuit for fear of public safety - but saw the truck again as it drove by the initial crime scene shortly after.. officers pursued - again - caught up to the vehicle after torres had abandanoed it - in an attempt to carjack another vehicle... then this happened. "drop the knife ... with weapons drawn officers repeatedly tell torres to drop the knife... torres ignores the orders while drinking beer... listen closely... one officer asks if anyone has a taser ... then torres lunges at the officers with knife in hand... the video ending before it shows officers opening fire. this was the knife torres was holding. chief jamie montoya showing it during a new s conference last week. the knife this was the knife torres was holding. chief jamie montoya showing it during a new s conference last week. the knife almost as big as the chiefs forearm... the size of the knife and threat from torres to officers - was most likely considered during the investigation of the officers actions. two officers were placed on administrative leave after the shooting. they have since returned to work. evan, live tonight in our newsroom, thank you.