because i know my goals are not going to cvome to me." if you thought you had a long day day ... wait till you meet tonight's community champion sponsored by southwest university. calling him a go-getter is certainly an understatement! welcome back to abc-seven at six everyone. i'm rick cabrera. you're about to meet a young el pasoan chasing an ivy league. a dream he says is so big, he has no time to waste. abc-7's j-c navarrete is live in our studio tonight.... open .. with a story you'll see only on abc- seven. rick... i spent just half a day with josh over at eastwood high school.. and i've got to tell you, i was exhausted... and i was just watching the kid! :30 1:03 1:09 this is josh ramirez... nats... of pool ... if he looks like he's out of breath... nats - ... this is his second swim practice of the day... and he's still got another half hour in the water. this practive wraps up a very full schedule at eastwood. just a few hours early, josh spent his lunch break on the podium speaking as vice president... for the national honor society. ... now in his senior year, josh is also president of the school's stem club... president of youth for christ and an officer in the schools spanish club ... he says there's a good reason he's purposely making his life difficult. "i want to be the first in my family to go to an ivy league university to make it to columbia yale harvard." h already got a taste of an ivy league school this summer. "it was a two week summer program at yale university, i was with the worlds best students from 124 countries, all 50 states. from handing out flyers at his nhs meeting, to being the president of varsity swimming. i learned from the students he walks the hallways of eastwood with that josh is you all- around nice kid. dante fraire classmate. "i thin outstanding as a student as a person." jared skov classmate "he always ha my back he's a great guy" coach manny gardea "probably one of the smartest kids i've ever met, very hard working in acadamics, at school and in the water. two part stand up stand up. when ever josh is in the pool come race day the one thing on his mind is to be the first to touch this wall... outside of the pool the one thing on josh's mind is to prove to others that he sets no limitation on him self, any dream he has he can achieve. "i can compete on the same leve as any of those more privilege kids from the east coast and i think that was the biggest take away from yale, that my background should not influence my future. i asked josh if he could choose one school to go to in the fall which would it be, and he said that after spending two weeks at yale it became his top choice, but at this point getting an acceptance letter to any ivy league school would become a dream come true. another live look at the city tonight