divo of juarez. juan gabriel died sunday morning. this is video of his last concert in los angeles on friday. he was set to perform sunday night at the don haskins center here in el paso. juan gabriel was an emotional crooner -- and an icon of strength -- selling a reported 100-million records, over a career spanning decades. officials say he died from a heart attack. he was 66 years old. and joing us now is: dr. oscar aguilar. he is a local cardiologist at el paso heart center... reports say juan gabriel died of a heart attack. he was 66 years old. is this a common age to get a heart attack? can it happen to anyone? can you tell our audience about symptoms for heart attacks? is it different for men and women? juan gabriel had a history of heart disease - he was obese and liked to drink wine. is this a bad combination? he played a full concert just days before his death