"it was startling loud, and i was very, very scary. i heard the explosion and moments later i heard debris falling onto the ground" our newsroom following the latest out of new york overnight... after the city is shaken by an explosion. what's been found now. back around the borderland, police investigating a stabbing on the westside overnight as well. then in happier news - the chihuahuas looking to clinch the pacific coast league championship last night... already up two games in the best-of-five series. we have the results. and "one city, one team" leavi it all on the field. utep taking on army in a historic game. and in stormtrack weather, stephen! this is all the news you need to start your sunday, september 19th. abc-7's "good morning e paso weekend" starts right now! "cheering what better way to celebrate a teams first ever championship. the el "cheering what better way to celebrate a teams first ever championship. the el paso chihuahuas going crazy after winning a nail bitter last night over the oklahoma city dodgers in the pacific coast league championship. the dogs won 4 to 3 in 11 inninngs. the chihuahuas will play the scranton wilkes-barre railriders on tuesday in memphis in the gildan triple-a national championship game. the chihuahaus will have one shot to win it all-- the championship is decided in a single game. good morning and thank you for joing us... i'm andrew j. polk. we are following breaking news overnight. new york city is on high alert -- after an explosion rips through manhattan. the blast happened around 8-30 local time last night in the chelsea neighborhood. police say the explosive appears to have come from a construction toolbox in front of a building. at least 29 people were injured . shortly there after-- police found a second device just blocks away. officials say it appears to be a pressure cooker with wires sticking out, and what looks to be a cellphone attached - and a piece of paper with some sort of writing. police confirm the device was safely removed by the bomb squad for investigation. new york city mayor bill de blasio calls the explosion an intentional act: sot full new york) : "there is n evidence at this point of terror connection to this incident, this is preliminary information, it's something we will be investigating very carefully, but there is no evidence at this pont of a terror connection." " don't know what hit me, i flew off my feet. reporter: you landed on your back. i landed on my elbow. how loud was it? very loud, never seen nothing like it." investigators say they are looking at surveillance video that appears to show a person near the dumpster where the explosion occurred. they're working to determine if that individual is connected to the blast. we will continue to follow this story as it developes. in new jersey-- just hours before the new york explosion. a pipe bomb detonated inside a trash can along the course of a 5k run for a marine corp charity. luckily, the race was delayed and no runners were nearby when the device went off. the fbi, the joint terrorism task force, and local law enforcement are investigating. no injuries have been reported. back around the borderland... we also have breaking news out of west el paso overnight. police are investigating a stabbing. it happened at the 200 block of gus rallis after 3 o'clock this morning. our round the clock news crew was there as police were talking to witnesses on the scene. we're working to find out condition of the person transported. it's unclear whether or not their injuries were life threatening or what led up to the stabbing. we will update you as soon as we learn more. it was arguably the biggest home game utep will have this season. but it didn't go in the miners favor.. the miners lose in a blowout against the army black knights 66 to 14. but it wasn't the scoreboard that kept the fans cheering.. it was the theme of one city one team. although the sun bowl was filled with pride for both teams ... patriotism dominated the field throughout the game. this is a picture shared by the utep police on twitter showing the huge american flag covering the entire field.. there was also an apache helicopter flyover...and a parachute jump team delivering the game ball abc-7's jerry najera was at the game and brings us more on the story ... football --apache helicopters and the golden nights parachute team brought out thousands of fans saturday evening. thousands filled the stands many enjoying the early kick-off "it's beautiful" " gave everone a chance to tailgate the kids could come out it was early enough for the young kids so it was really great" others gazed up to the skies to witness the army's golden knights parachute team deliver the game ball followed by the thunder of apache helicopters. football fans went all out to rally for their team "going army" "or course my ut minors" "bot with army never having played in el paso --army veterans like marcos castaneda "thirty years i the army" say they have waite far too long to see their team play at the sunbowl "for th first time making history" others say with fort bliss in our city this matchup needs to happen again. "i think it's great, it's a great way to bring the community together" "it' an awesome experience especially for the utep program" "it' about time we played the army here with fort bliss and everything i hope this is an annual deal" tonights total attendance was ### jn. abc-7. we will have highlights of the game and reaction from the players and coach kugler coming up later in sports. ...stormtrack weather now! let's get your first forecast with stormtrack meteorologist stephen decatur. northwest to southeast ridge axis aloft will become aligned across southern new mexico and far west texas today and monday with associated subsidence and warm air aloft bringing dry weather to the region. the exception may again be eastern hudspeth county where moisture and instability may support a few storms this afternoon. the subsidence and abundant sunshine will also result in above normal temperatures the next 2 days with afternoon highs around 5 to 10 degrees above normal. police say speed is what caused a deadly motorcycle crash in north east el paso. police identify the man killed as 18- year-old dalester gill. the crash happened friday evening around 7-30 on the 53-hundred block of marcus uribe. police say gill lost control of his motorcycle and crashed. he was taken to umc where he later died. another big road improvement project is ready to begin in the several parts of east el paso county... though for some parts - there wasn't much of a road - to begin with! "we have completed th procurement process the old hueco tanks road which is - in effect, old hueco tanks road is really the extension of eastlake from i-10 heading southbound." as part of e paso county's efforts to bring more infrastructure to the unincorporated but rapidly growing parts of the county... county commissioners authorized a set of road improvement projects. now the camino real regional mobility authority is moving on more of them. "we've got various agreements with the county of el paso whereby we're using their vehicle registration fee funds to develop a whole slate of projects for them. and one of those projects is specifically old hueco tanks. we're also in coordination with the city of socorro because this roadway goes right into their community." old hueco tanks road is next up, with a $7.5 million dollar construction contract awarded to international eagle enterprises. it's expected to take about a year to build the new four lane divided road, including sidewalks, lighting and bike lanes, where there was limited or even no roadway before. txdot did the design, the county is providing the funding, socorro helped with the land acquisition and the mobility authority is managing it all. "so you see four partners coming together to complete one roadway." other projects the county has authorized include more construction around parts of i-10 and the eastern part of the county. businessman willaim "billy" abraham is settling his lawsuit from a deadly car crash for 1 million dollars. according to our newspartners at the el paso inc... the settlement is between abraham and the hartford insurance company. el paso inc reports the money was givin jay clayton grady's two daughters and their mother. grady was the man who was killed in the crash. abraham announced the settlement last week. he said quote: "although money can never replace the presence of their father, this settlement has changed the children's lives and their future trajectory by providing thema new home and a trust fund to ensure the children's higher education." to read more on the settlement pick up your copy of the el paso inc. other stories this week include: would you believe making energy upgrades on your building, with no upfront costs? that's what a new county program can do for local businesses. and why some old adobe structures in socorro are now a national treasure - and what it means for the restoration of rio vista farm. el paso inc. is online at elpasoinc.com, and available for home and business delivery. call 534- 4422 to subscribe. putting an end to veteran homelessness. following president barack obama's recent announcement to have a 50 percent drop of homeless vets... the housing authority of el paso is doing their part to help out locally. at a press conference on friday hacep announced the award of 13 additional vouchers to fight homelessness. the vouchers offers case management and clinical services provided by by the department of veteran affairs: "when you have an event like th stand down, what it does is it actually allows the veterans to share in and sort of kind of be with others that are in similar need, so they feel a sense of community and they're more than likely to come out to these sort of events so it's really important that here at hacep we're involved in this type of program annually." the joint effort between el paso's va and hacep has receieved 239 voucher awards since 2008. the vouchers total more than 10 million dollars brought to el paso to specifically end veteran homelessness. the chihuahuas may have been out of town... there was still plenty going on at the downtown ballpark! we have a look at the way out west fest. and later - shoppers become victims as an attack in a mall up north results in multiple injuries. it is , right now we'll take a live look at traffic this morning: and in stormtrack weather, stephen! stormtrack weather is next! you're watching abc-7... where news comes first!