see you then. paso weekend".. another new mexico officer gunned down in the line of duty... with police still on high alert after threats to other officers. a late night crash leaves at least one person dead with more injured. the latestetails and video from our round the clock crews. and a las cruces officer won't be facing any charges... after the shooting death of a suspect with a knife. and in stormtrack weather, stephen! this is all the news you need to start your saturday, september 3rd. abc- 7's "good morning el paso weekend" starts right now! "i don't think any officers deserves to lose his life because of a uniform, you know too many cops ar dieing and it needs to stop. too many people are dieing and it needs to stop. because all lives matter" a second officer is killed in new mexico is less than a month. alamogordo police officer clint corvinus was shot and killed yesterday morning while he was out on patrol. just 3 weeks ago-- officer jose chavez was killed during a traffic stop in hatch. now-- the new mexico law enforcement community is once again mourning their brother in blue. good morning and thank you for joing us... i'm andrew j. polk. we'll get to more details on our top story in just a minute. but first... we start with breaking news. police are on the scene of a shooting in north central el paso. this happened on the 24 hundred block of mc kinnley avenue at the villa sierra apartments around 6-45 this morning.. details at this time are limiteed but here's what we know so far. at least one person was taken to the hospital.. police tell us their injuries were not life threatening. at this time officers are searching the area for suspects who police say fled the scene after the shooting. police have not said if they have any suspects at this time. checking in with stormtrack weather now. let's get your first forecast with stormtrack meteorologist stephen decatur. good morning stephen. we try and dry out, but we never quite make it. currently the upper level ridge that had been centered over new mexico was weakening as drier westerly winds were trying to move into the region from the west. last night's 00z balloon run had a precipitable water value of nearly 1.30 inches. over the next couple of days that value will drop to just below 1 inch. as the pw drops below an inch there is less and less fuel to help feed our afternoon and evening thunderstorm so we will see see less thunderstorms today through monday, but we won't completely eliminate them. the community of alamagordo is mourning the loss of police officer clint corvinus. corvinus was killed just before 9 yesterday morning on the 600 block of south florida. officer corvinus was 33-years old. he was a 4-and-half year veteran of the alamogordo police department. he leaves behind a 8- year old daughter and a girlfriend. the suspect, is identified as 38-year old joseph moreno. abc-7's evan folan continues our complete coverage on why the police department remains on high alert following a direct threat on law enforcement... 2-6 16-24 1:04-1:12 " a direct threat to la enforcement by known associates of the suspect" that threat left law enforcement on high alert. helicopters... high power rifles ... armored trucks. tactical teams and dozens of law enforcement. "it' shocking it's scary it is very scary you don't know when it's going to happen or if you'll be in the wrong place at the wrong time." tap blocked off the streets as investigators combed the scene. before that tape went up - two uniformed officers were patroling the area when they came across joseph moreno - a wanted man with 3 active warrants. the officers made contact and that's when moreno ran. "at some point during the foo pursuit shots were fired" the body of the suspec lay underneath that white sheet. "you hear of stuff like this in big cities like albuquerque and el paso but not alamagordo." 33-year-old officer clint corvinus was shot during the foot pursuit. he rushed to the hospital..where he later died. he leaves behind an 8-year-old daughter and girlfriend. "the officer will be missed by everyone in the community - it is important that we take care of everyone in this communtiy and i am sorry for his family." and that was evan folan reporting. officer corvinus attended high school in alamogordo at academy del sol and worked for the police department for almost 5 years. this is a story we will be following as the investigation continues. we will be sure to update you with the very latest online and on air. the u-s honor flag will be making it's way to alamogordo this weekend. the flag is meant to honor law enforcement killed in the line of duty. this is video last month as the u-s honor flag arrived in new mexico, in honor of fallen hatch police officer jose chavez. since the 9-11 attacks, the flag has traveled more than 7-million miles in honor of more than 1- thousand fallen service men and women. rember, the honor network helped coordinate the entire funeral services for the chavez family at no cost. this is the third time in less than a year -- the flag is coming to new mexico. the custom transport vehicle known as honor-one, is expected to leave forth worth texas sometime this weekend and head for alamogordo. governor susana martinez sent us this statement saying quote: "i am again so very saddened to see that yet another courageous law enforcement officer has been killed in the line of duty. i ask all new mexicans to keep this brave officer's family and friends in their thoughts and prayers." she goes on to say quote, the violence against our police officers has to end, and we must do everything we can to stand up for those who put their lives on the line every single day to protect us." news of officer corvinus' death comes as the department is under brand new leadership. police chief daron syling, who used to be the otero county undersheriff, took over as chief just 3 months ago. syling is a graduate of alamogordo high school and started working for the las cruces police department in 1993. he then worked up the ranks in taos, becoming the police chief there. syling moved back to alamogordo in 2009. the dona ana district attorney says he will not be taking any action in a deadly officer involved shooting. mark d'antonio says the officer's action in the shooting was justified and the officer acted approprietly. the shooting happened august 21 on lohman avenue. police say 36-year old juan gabriel torres -- seen here holding a large knife -- refused to drop the weapon and lunged at officers. that's when they shot him. before officers opened fire - torres was allegedly involved in robbery and theft of a pickup. officers say torres carjacked an 86-year-old man, violently pulling the keys from his hand. you can see the victim's hand here. torres ditched the truck - and that's when officers found him. abc-7 obtained the lapel pin video from the officer. when officers arrived, they saw torres walking, armed with a large knife in one hand, and drinking a beer in the other. things quickly escalated. take a listen: "get out of the way. drop the knife. drop the knife now. drop the knife. drop the knife, put it on the ground. drop the knife. drop the knife. get on the ground." the video released ends there. you can hear the officer yelling at torres to drop the knife 7 times! at one point, an officer asks if anyone has a taser. that's when torres lunges at the officer with the knife in hand - then officers opened fire. torres later died at a hospital. the officers were placed on administrative leave after the shooting -- but have since returned to work. abc-7 has new information on last nights crash in west el paso. police say one person is dead and 2 others are injured. the crash happened on resler and nardo goodman-- that's next to kohlberg elementary schoo. we brought this story to you as breaking news last night on our 10 o clock news cast. this is new video this morning as police were on the scene. police closed off resler for several hours. video shows there were at least 2 cars involved in the crash. police have not said if the third vechicle-- a commercial truck was involved in the crash. abc-7 is working to find out more information. we will ofcourse let you know as soon as we learn more. the el paso fire department is investigating the cause of yesterdays fire near socorro. this happened around 5 yesterday afternoon on the 800 block of winn road -- at a business full of trailers. fire officials say the fire caused over 100-thousand dollars worst of damage. 47 firefighters were called to assist. we saw state rep mary gonzalez on the scene. our crews learned that the business belongs to her parents. the fire department tells us there are no structures on that site -- but 4 out of the 6 trailers were damaged. were told the fire started in the back of one of those trailers. still no word the cause. police continue to investigate what led to human remains being found in south central el paso. police were called out around 5 yesterday evening on the 17 hundred block of delta drive. a team of divers were then called out to help retrieve the body. police tell us the remains were in a water retention area. video from the scene shows that area under construction and near the train tracks. around 7-15, the fire department tweeted that the body was recovered by divers. the fire department tells us a construction worker found the body. crimes against persons is assisting in the investigation. happening today-- the ashes of juan gabriel will be brought to the borderland. el diario reports that juan gabriel's family will fly into el paso and cross the downtown bridge with his ashes. they will go down avenida dieciseis de septiembre before arriving at his home around 5 this evening. the bishop of juarez will celebrate mass at 8 p-m. and he will then hold a private ceremony with his family. a public tribute will follow outside the home. tomorrow- the ashes will be taken to mexico city. you can count on abc-7 to be there to bring you complete coverage from when the ashes arrive to the celebration of mass in juarez, democrats and republicans rarely agree when it comes to politicial issues. but there is one thing that is having them working together: faster border wait times. "it doesn't take advantage of the natural opportunity that we have along the border to engage in robust trade which benefits the entire united states as well as our friends in mexico" senator john cornyn spoke yesterday morning at a news conference about how important it is to keep lanes and relationships open. he and congressman beto o' rourke want to expand el paso's pilot program. the program let's the city give customs and border protection money -- in order to pay for more officers and keep more lanes open at the international ports of entry. the bill, which was written by representative will hurd, has already passed the house. the congressmen say the efforts have been successful, but admit there's still plenty of work to be done: sot full "if you are crossing on weekends, late at night on a weekday, or especially during holidays you may encounter waits that are not measured in minutes, but in hours. so there's still a lot more work to do" o'rourke is asking everyone who crosses back from mexico, to post on social media about their experience using the hashtag e-p-bridges. don't forget to pick up your copy of the el paso inc. this week only in the el paso inc: how an el pasoan who graduated from mit plans to make financial planning easier for hispanics. inside episd's 668- million dollar bond. why the school superintendent and board president say now's the time to build, consolidate and close some schools. and the truth about all those tax increases. who will pay more this year, and what to expect next year. el paso inc. is online at, and available for home and business delivery. call 534- 4422 to subscribe. the remains of a music icon will make their way through the borderland today. coming up on good morning el paso weekend... the plans as the ashes of juan gabriel will be brought to el paso before a mass in juarez tonight. and later - some other cross-border travel causing controversey... as candidates continue to wrangle for your vote. it is , right now we'll take a live look at traffic this morning: and in stormtrack weather, stephen! stormtrack weather is next! you're watching abc-7... where news comes first!